Community Resource Referrals

Pregnancy and parenting can tax resources. Where can I get medical care? Is there a place to get food assistance? I don’t have a place to live? These questions and more may come to mind as you face pregnancy or are already on the parenting or adoption journey.

The Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center believes in the power of community referrals and is equipped to refer you to our many partner organizations for everything from pre-natal care, to housing, to adoption agencies, to material assistance.

If you follow the few simple guidelines below, you should give yourself the best chance of having a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby.

See your doctor or midwife or visit our help center as soon as possible. …
Eat well. …
Take a supplement. …
Be careful about food hygiene. …
Exercise regularly. …
Begin doing pelvic floor exercises.

Common questions we get asked:
What should I do before I get pregnant to ensure a healthy pregnancy for me and my baby?
What should and shouldn’t I eat while I’m pregnant?
Are there other activities I should steer clear of while pregnant? Do more of?
How can I safely exercise while pregnant?
What can I do to relieve or prevent pregnancy symptoms like nausea and vomiting, heartburn, leg cramps, and hemorrhoids?
How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?
When should I call my doctor between regular prenatal visits?
How can I make a birth plan for labor and delivery?
How can I prepare for breastfeeding my baby after childbirth?
What should I know about postpartum depression?

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